Surface Acoustic Metamaterial (SAM)


Every noise has a unique profile – like a fingerprint – the noise has its own signature, the frequency and decibel intensity are the distinguishing features that describe the unwanted sound. At the same time, every product has a unique shape and geometry, determined by the engineering and design goals for the product. SAM (Surface Acoustic Metamaterials) offers your team the ability to significantly reduce the noise in the environment where your product performs. SAM is flexible and pliable, imagine a rubber diaphragm used to stop the flow of water or absorb the change in water density. When our team of engineers and scientists designs a SAM solution for your product, the geometry of the material will be specific to your noise – imagine if you wanted to design a fingerprint, we are able to do just that for your noise. Since the noise profile is different in different places of the product or environment our solution will be unique – we are not creating one flexible mat and laying it over the substrate. As engineers we know where a bulkhead is stiffened by a frame, the vibration frequency is different at the frames than inbetween frames. Our solution for such a bulkhead is different at the location of the frame stiffener compared to the midpoint between the frames. In nature, a beehive is made from the combination of many six sided compartments – picture in your mind a custom beehive where the size and shape of each compartment is not the same as the adjacent compartment – applying this to SAM – the size and shape of the openings can change as the product is designed for the specific noise profile coming from the different points the structure. Seems too good to be true? Contact us today and furnish a file with your noise profile.


The applications will be from the realm of products where people experience the unwanted noise. We take for granted the inside of an aircraft is a noisy space, when we board a subway we expect to hear the noise of the train. Your product can be differentiated in the marketplace by offering the user or customer the quietest environment possible. Common places where humans and noise interact are the inside of a vehicle, the inside of a airplane or the inside of a equipment operator cab. These are prime places for the application of SAM technology. Our team has completed research and testing in the use of SAM in the design and construction of aircraft cabins intended to increase passenger and crew comfort by reducing the noise in the environment. The lessons we have learned there will be applied to your situation.

Case Studies

To support the use of SAM in a very practical environment we have completed extensive testing using the noise in the cabin of a commercial aircraft. Our report is at the link below: