Sound waves are not usually seen by humans, we hear them but do not see them.  Imagine a wave of water – we can easily visualize this.  Add to the image in your mind a wall or barrier which the wave strikes as it approaches the land.  We have all seen waves of water crashing against a wall of rocks or a cliff – they explode as they strike. We are offering an engineered solution to the wall of rocks – a lightweight acoustic panel made of metamaterials designed specifically for your unique wave of sound.  We can mitigate noise from external environments, or from your product application, let us show you how. This may seem too good to be true, but we have the most experience in the industry in creating the custom solution to absorb your unwanted sound using the best selected metamaterials in a custom design solution. Contact us today.

History of Applied Metamaterials

An acoustic metamaterial is a material designed to control, direct, and manipulate sound waves as these might occur in gases, liquids, and solids. The hereditary line into acoustic metamaterials follows from theory and research in negative index material. Furthermore, with acoustic metamaterials, controlling sonic waves can now be extended to the negative refraction domain.  Control of the various forms of sound waves is mostly accomplished through the bulk modulus β, mass density ρ, and chirality. The density and bulk modulus are analogies of the electromagnetic parameters, permittivity and permeability in negative index materials. Related to this is the mechanics of wave propagation in a lattice structure. Also materials have mass, and intrinsic degrees of stiffness. Together these form a resonant system, and the mechanical (sonic) resonance may be excited by appropriate sonic frequencies (for example pulses at audio frequencies).

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The benefits of Applied Metamaterials is best described by the results we will achieve for you and your firm.  As the experts in the application of metamaterials for reduction of unwanted noise we promise to provide a solution which reduces the noise in your world.  We serve many industry segments across the entire globe. Trust us to solve your tough noise problem with the appropriate application of metamaterials.  Send us your noise profile we we will begin our work on your behalf.